March Madness!

Looking back on March…. it’s hard to put into words.   We had a great month!

Anna and I traveled to Kansas City for the dog show – taking Iris, China and Cash (Iris x Eli) with us.   Henley came along for the ride and keep up her show experience.   Everyone came out a winner!   Iris won Best of Breed on Thursday, China won Best of Breed on Friday and Cash won Winners Dog on Saturday for 2 points.   Sunday we had to leave early to beat a Winter Storm Warning at home – from past experience that is not worth driving in!

The next week Chris traveled to Arkansas for the NWA National Championships.   BB thrilled us all by WINNING the 2017 NWA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!   It is one of those things you hope and strive to in the dog world… to have it actually happen is beyond words.    We own a National Champion!   Wow.  This stake was also a Grand stake, so that gave BB a 3 pt major toward her GFC.    We can’t thank her trainers/handlers – Chuck Cooper and Diane Vater-  enough for bringing out the best in her.   Thanks to breeders Randy and Lisa Webber too!

The week after that, Chris was scheduled to judge field trials in WI, so I drove to meet him there, drop off all the dogs I had at home, and pick up Louie the Brittany.   I headed to DeWitt, IA the next day for the dog shows there.   China won Best of Breed both days to finish her GRAND CHAMPIONHIP!   Also Louie won Best of Breed from the classes on Sunday to finish his CHAMPIONSHIP!

It’s not often you go into a month hoping to finish two champions, hoping for a good showing at a national event and actually do it…. so it made it even more special.