Way behind… AGAIN!

Keeping updated with a blog is obviously not my thing.   Maybe that should be a New Year’s Resolution for 2017 … that will give me a few months to prepare!  HA!

Lots has been going on this summer – lawn mowing, weed pulling, toad wrangling, new truck buying, garage door fixing, dog training, puppies growing up, successes at the dog shows, trips to WCA Nationals in Rhode Island, UP of Michigan and just general dog show traveling.

The pointer puppies spent July and August in MI with Diane Vater and Chuck Cooper learning the basics for field trialing.   We decided the puppy for us is Chance.   Mikey and Archie will also have field trial careers, Cindy is in a great hunting home, and Tommy is still with us for the time being.  We will hopefully find a home for him, but in the mean time he is here until the right thing comes along for him.

We are looking forward to the Fall and Winter doggie activites!   I will try to do better at keeping this updated.

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