Where to begin…. WOW!

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind!  It started off with the annual Summer Solstice Cluster in Cambridge, MN.  It’s one of my favorite shows of the year.   Weather was a challenge, it was either storming or hot.  I will try to recap each dog’s happenings and hope I don’t forget anything…

RJ –  WD/BOW on Thursday and Friday, Best Dog in Sweeps

Buzzy – WB on Thursday, Best Bitch in Sweeps

Rowdy – SD on Saturday at the Northstar specialty (he was only entered in the specialty)

Eli – Best Dog in Veteran Sweeps (he was only entered in the specialty)

Iris – BOB on Sunday

CeCePink (Rowdy x Lucy) – WB/BOW at the Northstar specialty

Louie the Brittany – was the BIG winner with a WD and or WD/BOW all for days!

The Weimaraner Club of America – National Specialty was the following week in Long Beach, CA.   Because of the timing this year, being right after the Summer Solstice Cluster we couldn’t get enough vacation time to make the drive out west.   Two of Rowdy’s kids represented us well there though!    

Foxfire’s Wild Little Bing’d Thing –  “The Jean Bean” –   (Rowdy x Ruby) Placed 1st in her 12-18 Sweepstakes class, 1st in the 12-18 class at the Southland Weimaraner Club specialty, and 2nd in her WCA Futurity Class!  Jean is owned/bred by Amy Fast of Foxfire Weimaraners.

Copper Leaf’s Best of Sundays – “Grayson” –  (Rowdy x Maxie) Placed 3rd in his 12-18 Sweepstakes class, then was WD at the Southland Weimaraner Club specialty for a 4 pt major,  2nd in his WCA Futurity class and then was WD/BOW at the WCA National Specialty!   Grayson is owned by John and Maureen Duffy and was bred by Annette Brzozowski.

Followed up all this by finally getting to the breeding of Davor x Justine – we have our fingers crossed for puppies in August!

Weekend Update: Wet, Winning, Sunshine, Stealing, and Smiles

This weekend was the Lake Minnetonka KC show in Jordan, MN …

Saturday was very very wet making me wish I had brought my boots!   Wet feet all day is not ideal.   We weathered it (pun intended) like all good dog people do…. rain coats, umbrellas, and lots of wondering what the heck we are doing!   We had a good winning day –  Uno (Gyan x Mahle) was WD, BOW, BOB for a 3 point major, Buzzy (Ty x Daphne) was WB, BOS for 2 points and little Louie the brittany had his first show at was WD, BOW for his first point.    He had a big day as he also had his first experience with the clippers and scissors 🙂   He was such a good boy!    At the same show site, the Twin Cities Afghan Club had a coursing ability test.  We didn’t compete, but helped our basenji friend Carrie with her dogs.  I had never seen this before and it was GREAT!   If the dogs have the desire, they FLY!

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL dog show day – now we remember why we do it 🙂   It was sunny and about 70 degrees with a nice breeze.   Ahhhhhhh……..   We again had a good winning day – RJ (Rowdy x Lucy) was WD, BOW for 1 point, Buzzy was WB for one point, and Louie was WD, BOW for another 1 point.

Best part of the weekend was the stealing portion…  This comedic moment was provided by little Louie who’s zest for life makes everyone smile.    He was just awarded WD and we were waiting for our ribbons.   The judge, Mr. Carl Liepmann was writing in his book and had left his ball cap on the chair.  Well… Louie saw that, in a heart beat before my mind could register, he SNATCHED it and started running back into the middle of the ring.  Thank goodness I had a hold of the lead cuz that little guy can move fast!    I went after him and tried to get the cap away – a slight tug of war game ensued.  He was so proud of himself and tail wagging.   I was laughing so hard I could hardly do anything, finally got the cap, and turned back to the judge (who had this stunned and amused look on his face) saying “Omg, I’m so sorry!” but still laughing.   Exhibitors, judge, handlers, spectators all had a good laugh.   Thank you Louie for reminding us why we do this –  to all have a good time and take advantage of any fun we can get 🙂