A New Year…..

I can’t believe that another year has gone by!    Every year, my goal is to update the website more frequently and add to the blog.   That last about 3 months and then I get busy and forget 🙂     I will TRY again this year and also update our Jewel Weimaraners FB page on a more regular basis.

We ended 2018 with GREAT things!   We finished Champions in the show ring, we finished Field Champions in the field, raised a litter of weims, completed water tests and NRD, competed our way to #15 in Breed Points, finished BROMs, finished a dog on the Top 10 Stud Dog list for the WCA, competed dogs in agility, passed the GSDCA Temperament Test, won the WCA NAFC and the WCA Walking Puppy Stake.   Our travels took us to many states including Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Oregon.  We lost several of our beloved weims – BB, Trysta, and Iris, and also some of our extended family.   Times like that make us appreciate the good times more.  We are thankful for the love, companionship, happiness and success they gave us.

The New Year started with a bang!  Two of our weims from our Rowdy x Iris litter won Best In Specialty Shows the first weekend of the year!    Vince and Mila sure have a bright future.   These littermates represent our 4th generation of specialty winning weimaraners!  Half Sister Henley from the Eli x Iris litter also won BOB one of the days on the weekend, with littermates Caiden and Nico earning some points as well.

As we move on in the year, we look forward to new weimaraner babies and hopefully continued success in both the show ring and the field.  Most of all – we look forward to fun and friends!

October? How can it be October??

Well…. my plan to update this once a month starting in January only lasted a few months 😉    Life takes over sometimes and as a good friend once put it… things that breathe get priority in this house.    Since I last posted, we have done winning and losing, working, dog training, vacationing, the WCA National Specialty (which was AWESOME to see everyone), field trials, dog shows, hunt tests, PUPPIES and so many other things.

Most recently we sent off our Rowdy x Iris litter of 7 boys and 3 girls to their new homes.   We are excited that we had so many repeat buyers this litter and also now many new friends to enjoy.  We are so thankful for the new owners who can love and challenge these babies.  We are very excited about their future!   Many many many thanks to Anna and Dustin for raising the litter.  Sometimes it takes a village….    We brought one baby boy home to live here with us (co-owned with Anna).  His name is Vincent –  Jewel’s Starry Night.  He will get his page on here soon!

Moving forward into the fall, we look forward to the APC National Field Championships where Juno and Mikey will be representing.  There are fun local dog shows to look forward to and then ending the year at the WCA National Field Championships and WCA Winter Specialty!

See you down the road…..


March Madness!

Looking back on March…. it’s hard to put into words.   We had a great month!

Anna and I traveled to Kansas City for the dog show – taking Iris, China and Cash (Iris x Eli) with us.   Henley came along for the ride and keep up her show experience.   Everyone came out a winner!   Iris won Best of Breed on Thursday, China won Best of Breed on Friday and Cash won Winners Dog on Saturday for 2 points.   Sunday we had to leave early to beat a Winter Storm Warning at home – from past experience that is not worth driving in!

The next week Chris traveled to Arkansas for the NWA National Championships.   BB thrilled us all by WINNING the 2017 NWA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!   It is one of those things you hope and strive to in the dog world… to have it actually happen is beyond words.    We own a National Champion!   Wow.  This stake was also a Grand stake, so that gave BB a 3 pt major toward her GFC.    We can’t thank her trainers/handlers – Chuck Cooper and Diane Vater-  enough for bringing out the best in her.   Thanks to breeders Randy and Lisa Webber too!

The week after that, Chris was scheduled to judge field trials in WI, so I drove to meet him there, drop off all the dogs I had at home, and pick up Louie the Brittany.   I headed to DeWitt, IA the next day for the dog shows there.   China won Best of Breed both days to finish her GRAND CHAMPIONHIP!   Also Louie won Best of Breed from the classes on Sunday to finish his CHAMPIONSHIP!

It’s not often you go into a month hoping to finish two champions, hoping for a good showing at a national event and actually do it…. so it made it even more special.






February = Field

February was a slow month for our show dogs other than a weekend vacation to Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York (not competing, just fun), but our field dogs had a great month!

Southern Arizona GSP Club:   Archie (pointer) placed 3rd in the Open Derby – Congrats owners Mike and Andrea Northwood!

     Las Vegas Bird Dog Club:  BB placed 4th in the 1 hour Open Gun Dog,  Archie placed 2nd in the Open Puppy and WON the 2pt Open Derby stake (pretty awesome for a 9 month old puppy), and Juno (pointer) placed 2nd in the Open Limited Gun Dog!

 Weimaraner Club of America Western Classic:  BB WON the Open All-Age/Western All-Age Classic Championship!  She also placed 2nd in the Open Gun Dog!

Marching on to March…..


Bring on 2017!

We are always excited to see what a new year will bring and this year is no exception.  So many fun things are ahead of us this year in the show ring and in the field.   We look forward to sharing them with you.  2017 started with a bang and we hope to see it continue!

The first weekend of the year is always one of our favorite shows, the Northstar Weimaraner Club Specialty and Land O Lakes KC show in St. Paul, MN:

Iris –  BISS GChS Doc’s Crosswind Starry Eyed Jewel of Acadia (Tonka x Zoe)- won Best in Specialty!  She also picked up some SB awards over the weekend.

Henley – Ch Jewel’s Now You See Me (Eli x Iris) – won Best Bitch in Sweepstakes

Ivan – Ch Jewel’s Knock Out Punch (Eli x Iris)- won Best Dog in Sweepstakes and Best of Opposite Sex at the specialty

Jay – BISSx4 Ch Jewel’s Heartland Flyer JH CD RE BN NSD NRD V (Davor x Halley)- showed that age is just a number and it’s in your heart that carries you.  At almost 12 years old, he was so happy and proud to strut his stuff in the show ring once again.

Rowdy’s girls also showed their stuff with Sabine (Rowdy x Lillian 2) winning WB all 4 shows that weekend and CeCePink (Rowdy x Lucy) picked up a SB on her way to her Grand Champion title.

The last weekend in January we traveled to Grayslake, IL for the Weimaraner Club of Illinois Specialties and the Cool Cluster of dog shows:

Ivan – Ch Jewel’s Knock Out Punch (Eli x Iris) won Best of Opposite Sex at the specialty

Cash – Jewel’s Walk The Line (Eli x Iris) won Best Dog in Sweepstakes and Winners Dog for his first point

On the field side of things, it has been fun to see our Mike x Juno pointer puppies get started in their field careers.   Chance had his debut and showed good things, but definitely needed to step out to learn some obedience!  Archie, owned by Mike and Andrea Northwood earned himself a placement in his first puppy stake and is showing great things.  They follow in their brother Mikey’s , owned by Meredith Mays, footsteps who earned his first placements last fall!  We are so excited about the future with these boys!

Bring on February 2017!


Way behind… AGAIN!

Keeping updated with a blog is obviously not my thing.   Maybe that should be a New Year’s Resolution for 2017 … that will give me a few months to prepare!  HA!

Lots has been going on this summer – lawn mowing, weed pulling, toad wrangling, new truck buying, garage door fixing, dog training, puppies growing up, successes at the dog shows, trips to WCA Nationals in Rhode Island, UP of Michigan and just general dog show traveling.

The pointer puppies spent July and August in MI with Diane Vater and Chuck Cooper learning the basics for field trialing.   We decided the puppy for us is Chance.   Mikey and Archie will also have field trial careers, Cindy is in a great hunting home, and Tommy is still with us for the time being.  We will hopefully find a home for him, but in the mean time he is here until the right thing comes along for him.

We are looking forward to the Fall and Winter doggie activites!   I will try to do better at keeping this updated.

A month of driving, success and new additions!

Well March was a crazy month… we were driving fools!   The month started with Chris driving to Tennessee to the legendary Ames Plantation to watch Juno and Clark compete in the AKC Gun Dog Championships.  To run in this event, the dogs have to qualify by a great win.   Clark qualified with his 2nd place finish in the WCA National Amateur Championship and Juno qualified with her 2nd place finishes in the APC National Championship and National Amateur Championship.  We are so proud to have had the run!

While Chris was there, Steph drove to the twin cities for the Northstar Weimaraner Club meeting.   Three of the Iris x Eli puppies were there to socialize and it was so fun to see them!

The day after Chris got home – Steph then took Daphne, China and visiting brittany Louie to Kansas City, MO for the 4 days of shows.   Was great to see many friends there!   China did us proud by winning WB on Sunday to earn her 2nd major!

A few days later we get a call that – yep Juno is looking pregnant now.   Chris had seen her the week before at the AKC Gun Dog and decided she wasn’t pregnant, so left her to compete for the spring season.  Silly girl….  So Chris drove to Kentucky to pick her up and bring her home.   While doing that, Steph drove up to Wisconsin to pick up the whelping box and supplies from Anna and Dustin.

Steph and Anna then traveled to DeWitt, IA for the dog shows with Daphne, China, Louie, Iris and babies Henley and Ivan.   Henley started her show career with a bang by winning Best Puppy in Match on Friday.   Iris was BOB both days, Daphne SB both days, Louie picked up a major on Sunday and China was WB both days to finish her Championship!

The following Friday, Steph drove Louie to Creston, IA for the Iowa Brittany Specialty.  No real successes, but the practice is ALWAYS good for Louie.  A quick nigh stop over for the wayward traveler (me) in Des Moines, IA for a visit with John and Kim, then back home for “puppy watch”

April 4th brought with it our new additions!   Pointer puppies!    We are very excited about their futures… it is a fun adventure for us as this is the first litter we have ever had that wasn’t weimaraners.   They are adorable and working on growing 🙂

BB finished up the GREAT month with an All-Breed OGD win at the Fort Detroit GWP trial in Michigan for a 3 pt major toward her FC!

This leaves us looking forward to a great rest of the spring…..




Not good at blogging….

So I just realized that I have not been keeping up on this page/blog etc.  It’s been over a year since I wrote anything.  I will try to do better!

We had a great 2015 ending the year at the WCA National Field Championships where our boy Clark placed 2nd in the National Amateur Championship and our boy Rowdy finishing the year #19 in the country in breed points!

We also ended the year with beautiful weimaraner babies at Anna’s home in Wisconsin.   They did a great job whelping (with me on phone conference on our way back from Oklahoma) and raising the litter.  They are almost all in their new homes now and we look forward to much fun with them in the future!

As we head into 2016 we are excited about all the possibilities.

New beginnings…

Finally getting a chance to sit down again, seems like it is too long in between that I forget stuff!  I will try to recap.

November-  GREAT news from the 2014 Mid-America Field Classic as Clark WINS the Open All-Age stake!   This was Clark’s first broke dog placement and he did so in a big way!  Way to go buddy and thanks to trainers Diane Vater and Chuck Cooper, and breeders Wayne and Bev Cowgill.   The Minneapolis KC show was in the new building this year and it was really nice.   The first day Uno was WD, RJ was RWD, Buzzy was WB/BOW and CeCePink (Rowdy x Lucy), and Iris was BOB!   This minored Buzzy out, so she just needs a major to finish now.   Sunday Uno was again WD, RJ was RWD and CeCePink was WB/BOW.

December – We again traveled to one of our favorite events of the year… the WCA National Field Championships in Ardmore, OK.   The week starts with the WCA Winter Specialty where we made a pretty darn good showing 🙂   Two of Rowdy’s sons were there (Rowdy x Velvet).  It was so fun to see them and meet their wonderful owners in person.   I handled Monroe for his owner to Best Dog in Sweeps!   Halley made an appearance in the 11 + bitch class in the sweepstakes and had a grand time.  She loved to be out there again strutting her stuff.  It is always such a joy to see the oldies back out there.    She was very tired the rest of the week!   In the specialty RJ was WD, but again unfortunately the BOW eluded him for that last major.   Rowdy won SD!   One of the most fun things of the show was this was BB’s show debut!   She had a bath and about 10 minutes of training.   She showed like a champ!      At the trial, we didn’t have any placements with our guys, but Clark did earn himself a Judges Award of Merit in the WCA Amateur Gun Dog stake!  That boy has a future I think 🙂   Was so awesome to see all our friends, be a part of their successes, and just be together enjoying the dogs.   Was beautiful weather this year!

Goodbye 2014… Hello to the New Beginnings of 2015!

One of my most favorite shows of the year is the first weekend in January – the Northstar Weimaraner Club specialty and the Land O Lakes KC in St Paul.  This year the veteran sweepstakes was very special… The 4 littermates from our first Halley x Davor litter showed.  They are all champions and all will be 10 years old at the end of this month.  So special to see them all there together!  CeCePink (Rowdy x Lucy) was WB all 3 days and is also now minored out.  Uno was the only dog entered, and did pick up another point for BOW on Saturday.   At the specialty Rowdy’s son Oliver was SD!  Iris was BOS on Sunday.  Rowdy was SD on Saturday and then earned himself BOB on Sunday!

The next weekend Anna, my mom an I traveled to Colorado to see the Rowdy x Lillian puppies!   We were able to stay with my Aunt Karen two of the nights.  It was so wonderful to see her again!  As a bonus we were able to eat dinner on Thursday night with my cousins Steve, Craig and Craig’s wife Tonya!   We hadn’t all been together for about 15 years!!!!   We then traveled down to Amy and LaRita Fast’s home to visit the puppies – we did temperament evaluations, structural evaluations, and simply spent some time.    We did some sight seeing while there as well –  Manitou Springs (where we tasted all the springs –  YUCK!), Garden of the Gods, and the Manitou Cliff Dwellings.  Very amazing places!  The views in Colorado are so cool and the weather was great!   The first day at the hotel, the weather was a little foggy.   The next morning we walked out to sun and full views of Pikes Peak!   We all stopped in our tracks… beautiful and we didn’t even know it was there the day prior!

The decision was made…. little Miss Yellow was to come back with me to MN.  She is sweet, feisty, smart, fun, moves with a purpose and has a very bright future!  She is now known as  “China”   Jewel’s Foxfire Wild Ride.    We are excited to have her here with us 🙂    Till next time…..

The past two weeks….

The first started with traveling to Sioux Falls, SD…. one of my favorite shows of the year.   Every year we go, I say – we need to go see the falls – well this year, I sure found the falls 🙂   Couldn’t keep from falling on the ground!  HA!   Even with that, travelling with good friends and very good travelling weimies always makes for an enjoyable trip.   I had RJ and Buzzy with me, Anna had Iris, and Deb had her 3 Cash, Lucy and CeCePink.   We spread the winning around!    RJ was WD, BOW 2 of the days and WD, BOW, BOW on Sunday.  He is still searching for that elusive last major!   Buzzy was WB one of the days, CeCePink was WB one day, Iris was BOB two days and Lucy was BOB on Sunday.   Good trip, good shopping, good food, good wins, good laughs 🙂

This past Thursday was an exciting day!   Rowdy’s newest babies were born in Colorado… 5 girls and 1 boy.  Congrats to Foxfire Weimaraners and momma Lillian –  Ch Foxfire’s Crazy Lil Thing Called Love.   They are beauties and can’t wait to see what their future holds.

This recent weekend we were able to stay home and just drive back and forth to the dog show in Winona, MN.  Unfortunately for RJ, there were not enough weims that showed to even give him a chance at that major, but he showed and got some good practice in.  He never ceases to make friends and get some great lovins at the shows.   Iris was BOB on Saturday and Oliver (Rowdy’s son out of Maxie – owned by Annette Brzozowski) was BOB on Sunday.   All in the family – both great weims!

Today we learned that Iris is ranked #18 in Breed points and Oliver is ranked #15 in All-Breed points!   WAY TO GO GUYS!

As we are home, after the first snow…. we anxiously wait for news from the WCA Mid-America Championship where Clark is competing this week.

More later!